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Back Pain

Most adults feel upper or lower back pain in their lifetime.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is common. Almost two-thirds of people are suffering with it.

Auto Accidents

Car accidents are very detrimental to your internal health. You should always see a chiropractor right after a car accident.


Headaches are a common ailment for children and adults alike. Chiropractic is a safe treatment for any age.


Sciatica is caused by general compression or irritation of one of five spinal nerve roots. Your Brookhaven chiropractor can relieve the nerves causing sciatica.

Work Injuries

Work injuries are those encountered on the job in any form or fashion.

Disc Pain

Disc pain can be very difficult, and troublesome. The first step is to diagnose what exactly is causing the pain.

Pinched Nerve

Pinched nerves require immediate attention. See your Brookhaven chiropractor for the care and attention you deserve.


Dr. Jason Weigner, your Brookhaven Chiropractor, is ready to serve you and your family!

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We’re now located at: 3605 Edgemont Ave., just 2 blocks away from our old location.
Our new 4000 square foot facility is equipped with the latest technology and equipment, and we are excited to show you! Come in for a tour today!

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Our multi-specialty staff & doctor team can provide you with an approach to pain or injury that excludes surgery entirely. We are dedicated to offering you the absolute best quality of services for your health to fully restore your well-being. Our pain-relief treatment options soar as we endeavor to source your pain and correct it at its origin.

Chiropractor Dr. Jason Weigner is here to support YOU!

PHYSICAL MEDICINE – Relief for chronic pain!

Our experience is in helping people conquer a large variety of conditions including:

Pain in neck & back
Pain in the hips or other joints
Nerve pain & damage
Digestive problems
Arthritic conditions
Posture problems
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Pregnancy pain
& more!

Start enjoying life without knee and joint pain.  Call us now at (610) 876-6180

Supartz? It isn’t a drug, so what is it?

Supartz is hyaluronan solution. Hyaluronan is a lubricant which absorbs the shock in your joints. When you have osteoarthritis, your body’s capability of producing hyaluronan is reduced significantly. Without this fluid, your joints wear down and you are in pain! Supartz serves as a replacement for your hyaluronan that your body cannot provide on its own.

Dr. Weigner excitedly shares, “It is stunning, the results we’re demonstrating with the Supartz therapy. Knee pain patients are finally enjoying relief and living life free of pain!”

Relief is only a phone call away. Discover Optimal Healthcare specializes in the treatment of pain regardless of its cause. (610) 876-6180

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Come to see the ways in which our care will end your worries about pain. You will now lead a life that is more healthy, and more happy! Dr. Jason Weigner, D.C and his staff cannot wait to meet you and provide the greatest care.

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